Best Bet Food Sources for Vitamins

I work a lot with natural foods and supplements in my practice. If I can be assured the client will eat the right foods, there is often no need to supplement. If the deficiency is mild, specific food supplementation works perfectly well. And it does often turn out that the client just loves the foods they need anyway!

Best Bet Vitamin food sources are listed in order of most often identified as the foods most beneficial for a specific vitamin. The Best Bet Foods are only the most common items I have found during testing in the last 12 years; there may be more foods that contain the particular vitamin that are listed on my website under the Diet/Nutrition section (see resource box for that link.)

Because each person is an individual with many different nationalities within their bloodlines, it is important to determine which food items are best suited for your body. And easy way to do this is to find out your blood type and eat foods that are beneficial for that blood type. You can find a list of those foods at http://www.dadamo.com. Overdosing with foods is almost impossible. I like that. It’s very safe! So, here’s the list:

Beta-Carotene: Best Bet Food Sources– Dark Green vegetables, carrots and tomatoes. Note: Beta-Carotene natural form is comprised of two molecules. The synthetic form only has one molecule. Therefore, natural food sources are best.

Bioflavonoids: Best Bet Food Sources– Citrus fruits (especially the white part of the peel), apples, soy hawthorn berries and green tea.

Biotin or Vitamin H: Best Bet Food Sources– Eggs, raw fruits, mushrooms, poultry, soy or soy products, whole grains and oatmeal.

Choline: Best Bet Food Sources– Choline tablets, beans, and eggs.

CoQ-10: Best Bet Food Sources– Fish and spinach.

Fat Soluble Vitamins: See Vitamins A, D, E and K. russian store

Folic Acid or Vitamin B-9: Best Bet Food Sources– Wheat Germ (refrigerate after opening as it turns rancid easily), eggs, salmon, mushrooms, citrus fruits, and chicken.

Hesperidin: Best Bet Food Sources– NutriBiotic’s Grapefruit Seed Extract. Note: Hesperidin is in the bioflavonoid family and is thought to stimulate the immune system and fight yeast infections.

Inositol: Best Bet Food Sources– Standard Process(TM) brand Inositol, blackstrap molasses, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, wheat germ.

PABA or Para-aminobenzoic Acid: Best Bet Food Sources– Spinach, blackstrap molasses, mushrooms, rice.

Riboflavin or Vitamin G: Best Bet Food Sources– Sprouts, nutritional yeast, milk, meat, some forms of algae and Standard Process Labs(TM) Cataplex G®. Uses for Vitamin G: Night sweats, burning feet, red hands, paralysis, edema secondary to liver failure, eye syndromes, nervous indigestion, and liver disease. Riboflavin is the heat-stable factor of the Vitamin B complex.

Vitamin A: Best Bet Food Sources– Parsley, sweet potatoes, watermelon, nettle leaf, broccoli, carrots, dark leafy greens, eggs, and mangos.

Vitamin B Complex: Best Bet Food Sources– Any brand that you test energetically strong for. The wrong brand can be responsible for some annoying side effects. For me, that is urinary incontinence. To get the whole complex from foods you would want a wide variety of raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains.



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