HTC One Smartphone Review, Part 2

This is the second part of our in-depth review of the HTC One smartphone. In the first part we discussed the design, material quality and the software of HTC’s latest handset. Here we deal with the camera, speakers, battery life and reveal our overall conclusions and discuss how it ultimately compares to its three smartphone rivals, namely the Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone and Google Nexus range of devices.

Don’t let the 4 mega-pixel specification fool you, the camera is fantastic. The 2688 x 1520 resolution images look terrific with excellent colour and fantastic low light ability. An auto focus lens and LED flash are both standard. What will no doubt concern most buyers is the 4MP resolution. This really shouldn’t be a worry as component quality counts for much more than basic resolution, and this phone has quality components. The only situations where you are likely to struggle is if you are planning to either print out large posters or you want to heavily crop a photograph, although if this is the case you probably shouldn’t be using a mobile phone camera in the first place.

If you want spare of the moment pictures, at any time of the day, then this camera offers the best compromise between detail resolution and low-light performance available in any smartphone, especially if you take a lot of pictures at night.

Front mounted speaker usually look poor but HTC have managed to integrate these into the design of the phone to such a good extent that they actually seem to complement it. Whilst they are never going to give a dedicated hi-fi system a run for its money, in terms of smartphone speakers they are up there with the best and are definitely the loudest of any phone or tablet I’ve used.

I found the sound quality with headphones is little different to that of an iPhone, although it is slightly better that a Nexus 4. To be fair to all of the handset mentioned there is not a lot of difference between any of them, especially if you’re using the supplied headphones. The HTC One features a built-in audio enhancement called Beats Audio. The idea behind it is that it delivers sound the way the artist intended by automatically adjusting a music profile to optimize the sound for your specific headphones, thus giving an optimum sound experience. From extended listening tests it is clear that the HTC beats software enhancement does change the sound, although I’m not sure it is necessarily for the better. It must be noted that I only tried this with the standard supplied headphones. It is possible that better quality headsets many give improved results.

Battery life
Battery life is always a problem, mainly because over the last few years screen size, resolution and brightness has often advanced at a faster pace than battery technology. With average to heavy use the Li-Po (lithium polymer) 2300mAh battery will get you through a full day, although I would expect devices with bigger capacity power packs such as the Motorola Droid Razor Maxx HD to have much better durations. HTC’s specifications state it will provide enough power to last 13 hours of work. A battery saver style app would certainly extend this a little. vivo v17 pro

It should be noted that the One’s battery is sealed into the body of the phone and as a result is not readily removable. It seems many smartphone manufacturers are heading in this direction, most probably for reasons of keeping weight and dimensions to a minimum.

Thanks to a stunning design, great technical specifications and superb user experience the HTC One mobile phone at least matches and in reality outdoes all major competitors and can easily be ranked amongst the top three smartphones currently available. Perhaps the most revealing conclusion is that it makes the iPhone 5 seem very outdated. Price can only really be considered in your local territory as smartphone deals vary by the networks and products available in your location. A new to market handset usually carries a premium over more establish competitors but you can be assured that the HTC One is more than worth it.


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