iPhone 12 Pro Max Review – A Good Look At An Amazing Camera


An incredible leap forward in technology, iPhone 12 Pro max. Amazingly designed for travel, pro users, professionals, and students. 5G for download and streaming HD movies. Larger six.7-inch Super Retina XDR screen.

Extra lumen, larger, higher resolution, touch screen, high definition, wide color gamut, media sharing, touch screen, faster, larger, cooler, crisp, bigger, better camera with natural skin tone interface, high-end power, high-performance, super cool, fast, larger, clearer pictures. Plus, the larger pixel engine gives you super fast speed performance with less power consumption. Amazing low light photography, up to sixty frames per second, plus high-quality videos. Enhanced editing tools, superior quality audio output, media playing, dual cameras, landscape orientation, pan and zoom, image stabilization.

In this review we are looking at the iPhone 12 Pro max, it’s almost a year old now and one of the best selling devices from the first wave of the smartphone boom. It’s got the great hardware that you would expect from any good manufacturer such as the camera and storage department. The display is great too, large, bright, wide screen, excellent quality, super fast. You also get a very good sound system, a fa iphone 12 pro max ntastic interface for internet uses, great value for money.

Now we look at the technology inside the iPhone 12 Pro max. The screen is just like the original iPhone but with added durability and better clarity. With the pixel 5 technology this phone is even better, it gives you great outdoor photos and videos and excellent indoor photos and videos.

The phone is a bit on the large side when compared to other phones but it doesn’t feel it. With a full keyboard the phone is easy to hold but it’s not too big and heavy. You can change the colour of the keyboard to purple in night mode which gives it a unique style. A neat little feature is the ability to turn off the screen if you need to use the GPS instead.

The iPhone 12 Pro max has a lot of features and I am sure once you use it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The iPhone 12 Pro max also comes with a very cool new low light mode which allows you to take pictures or video in low light situations up to a couple hundred feet. In normal light situations the iPhone 12 Pro max out performs most phones in every area. It will allow you to take great detailed pictures or videos in low light which is what people love about these cameras.

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