The Value of Backlinks

The Value Of Backlinks: Reasons Why Your Website Cannot Hope To Survive Without Them

Backlinks are just like a classroom of kids voting to judge the popularity level of the new kid that just arrived for their first day. Seeing as how the kid is new to school and no one knows of their importance, there is no way to judge. So at first the kid is left alone, but watched to see how they carry themselves. The first thing that is going to be looked at is the seeming quality of the kid. The second thing will be the actions taken and whom they are taken with. After all of this has been monitored for a while someone will approach the new arrival to see what he or she is all about. Depending on the popularity of the kid making the approach this is going to determine the value of the new arrival. I know this sounds extreme, but it is the same with a new website and getting backlinks and I am going to explain why.

There are many ways your website can be deemed valuable to search engines when it comes to backlinks. All the search engines are trying to do is determine why someone would care to visit your site. Backlinks are recommendations, and the best way to get them is by means of having them mentioned on sites similar to your own or at least pages that are similar. All of those votes will strengthen your cause for top SEO. The more backlinks you have pointing back at you the better it is going to be. If you are confused about the different types of backlinks there are, I am going to go into detail about them. 구글상위노출

Dofollow Backlinks

These are the type of backlinks that no matter where they are the search engines will be able to pick them up and follow them back to your site. These are the types of backlinks serious backlink builders go for when they are doing SEO. The problem with these types of backlinks though is they are sometimes on low quality sites.

Nofollow backlinks

These are the types of backlinks that are still seen by search engines, but are not given that much weight. The website owner has chosen to not have the linkjuice from their site passed on. But this can be tricky for people who leave it alone. Nofollow backlinks are usually on more respected and high trafficked websites. The result might not be improved SEO, but direct traffic to your website by means of where the link is left.

Forum profile backlinks

If you are building a website and you want to leave backlinks only on sites that you feel are relevant toy yours, then forum profile backlinks are for you. There are hundreds if not thousands for forums for a given subject you can leave a link on. The more prominent ones might have stricter guidelines, but do not let this be a deterrent to you.

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