Want To Draw Cartoons – You Can If You Love Cartoons

Let me put in very simple terms, if you want to draw good cartoons you have to want to draw good cartoons. Does it sound meaningless? What I exactly want to say here is: you have to make cartooning your passion.

In other terms you have to take it seriously, but not with gloomy face. You have to love it and be ready to work for it. But if your approach is like an amateur you will grow up to be an amateur artist.

Many youngsters with lots of talent just fall by the wayside for the lack of right attitude. Make sure this doesn’t happen with you if you want to make cartooning art a profession.

Enough discussion on the background now let us talk about something that will help you. 4anime

Never undermine formal school education. Even if you plan to make cartooning your carrier do not start thinking formal schooling is not important. True there are many great masters without serious level of formal schooling. But they are exceptions don’t be fooled; a strong educational background will help you in more than one way in your cartooning career. Not only that, it will help you to keep other options open for you should your cartooning efforts go south on you.

Well with all the heavy discussions behind us let us start talking about where you should start, I would suggest that you start at the beginning. That is start with the fundamentals to get them correct.

I often see people encourage kids to start drawing cartoon faces. But I strongly discourage that. True it is easier to attract attention of kids when they get something attractive to work on. But I would suggest, learn to draw smooth lines first. Learn about various qualities of pencil and how to correctly hold a pencil so that your fingers don’t get tired easily.

After that concentrate on drawing simple shapes. And when comfortable with drawing shapes like circle and oval freehand you may start drawing faces.

Starting with complex things can only work for those who are privileged enough to have a good and experienced teacher. Because the teacher can intervene and help the beginner by teaching her/him the necessary techniques as they go along.


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